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The Art of Effortless Gift Giving

It’s the time of year to sparkle and shine.  To mooch round Christmas markets whilst sipping on mulled wine.  Luxuriate in choosing new ‘must have’ gifts.  Leave relevant catalogue pages open with lusted after items circled in bright red ink.  Party dress? Check.  Fabulous shoes?  Never leave home without them.  Hair?  Nails? Booked! Taxi ordered (did you SEE the shoes?) Done! That niggling feeling you’re forgetting someone? Damn!  IS it possible someone has been over looked?  Perhaps a teacher or what about the office Secret Santa?  So, just how do you appear to have mastered the art of effortless giving with just your cupboard to hand?  With a cheeky, tasty White Chocolate Rocky Road and a ribbon, that’s how. 


Belgian White Chocolate – non negotiable

Turkish Delight and/or Coconut Ice – chopped

Brazil or Macadamia Nuts – chopped

Cranberries and/or Cherries

Desiccated Coconut

1.       Get hold of a Kilner Jar, pretty Christmas Box or some tissue paper and a cellophane bag will suffice.

2.       Line a baking tray with the plastic bag from inside a cereal packet.

3.       Melt the white chocolate the microwave or in a bain marie (bowl over simmering water)

4.       Chuck nuts, Turkish delight, cranberries and desiccated coconut in a big bowl.

5.       Pour melted chocolate over the dry ingredients and mix.

6.       Place in tray, spread to the corners and leave to set.

7.       Pretty it up with some edible glitter, chop into squares and place in jar/box/bag.

8.       Chuck round a festive ribbon and hand it over with a smile.

9.       Relish in the praise heaped upon you due to the deliciousness and pour yourself a glass of fizz.


Oh and you’re welcome!

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