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Naked Cakes

Hilary Duff’s Wedding Cake

Whilst taking a moment to catch up on some favourite blogs I came across one about ‘Naked Cakes’. The Tied Bow Inspiration blog is full of gorgeous images that I have pinned to my Pinterest boards including one I’d pinned previously without realising it was a ‘naked cake’ revolution. 

This one is beautiful. Simplicity and elegance just shine through in this stunning cake chosen by Hilary Duff and her husband for their wedding.  It’s a joy to see the sponge used as a feature and not hidden away.   There seems to be something almost criminal in disguising sponge under buttercream or ganache as often as we do.  Surely the sponge is actually the star of the show?  It’s what makes the cake a cake, and isn’t everything else is an accessory?  

KitscnBake Victoria Sponge

Take the classic and almost regal Victoria sponge, dressed with lashings of cream, oozing jam and finished with just a dusting of caster sugar on top.  Does it need anything else adorning it to make you want it?  I certainly don’t need any more convincing to sink my teeth in.  

What I want to devour personally and what I deliver to clients are sometimes two entirely different things.  Cakes destined for private orders or cafes need to be presented as ‘finished’, and they leave here covered in smooth Italian meringue, soft buttercream or shiny ganache.  Sprinkles, citrus zest, maltesers, crushed biscuits and fresh fruit are just some of the things I use to give them the finishing touches they deserve.

But I love a less beautified cake too, and this week I thought I’d try to give the simple approach a whirl with a Chocolate Orange cake. It’s a great cake to make and moist enough not to need lashings of buttercream topping. 

Full of fresh orange juice and plenty of lovely zest, it’s a three stack sponge with chocolate orange buttercream layered in between.

I added some lovely fondant-filled chocolate orange slices on the top with just a sprinkle of juicy zest to finish it all off. And here you have it, the best dressed ‘naked’ cake in Tayside!

  1. Love the idea of naked cakes. Great for people not so keen on the taste of icing like some of my family members!

  2. Absolutely! I have to admit I love it all but then I love cake is ALL it’s guises!

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