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Mary Jane Duncan, owner of KitschnbakeI wasn’t raised in the bosom of a home which had mothers or grandmothers all baking recipes that had been handed down through the generations. I haven’t had lessons or been to classes, and in fact, it’s fairly safe to say that I make this up as I go along!

I’ve always loved cake though and I have a weakness for everything kitsch.  I strive to bring a bit of that ethos into my kitchen. I love baking, but I think it’s important not to take it too seriously!

Bish, bash, bosh, bung & bake.

You might think that the greatest satisfaction is in the most ornately decorated cakes, but actually some of the simplest cakes can have the greatest impact.  I like to focus more on the actual cake than the decoration, but when the cake is all layered up with fresh berries, butter cream and a hint of glitter it couldn’t be prettier.  Let’s be honest, there are just some days where nothing less than a big wodge of cake will do!

Home baking is great fun and I feel the main thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself if something doesn’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped. A little bit wonky still tastes delicious!  A very lovely friend of mine reminded me that regardless of how much attention and effort I put into my baking, ultimately, someone is going to stick a knife in it and cut it into little pieces!

I still think of myself as a home baker with big ideas and the love, fun and imagination that make all home baking great are truly important, and stay important even as the business side of things grows. That’s what I love best – and it will mean so much to me to bring that relaxed, carefree feeling to the café, so that anyone who visits feels welcome and wants to come back time and time again.  

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